ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013


Security in examination systems is one of the most important aspects of the system. We have therefore implemented several features to enhance security of our systems.

Face Recognition Our system only allows registered people to login using cutting edge face recognition software.
WatermarkEach downloaded paper carries a watermark which can identify the details of the downloads including the photo of the user who downloaded it.
HTTPSWe use CA verified SSL certificates to serve content from our sites. Entire site is secured through HTTPS.
One Time Passcode (OTP)In addition to username and password, users have to enter one time passcode (OTP) at every login. OTP is sent to user's registered mobile number.
IP Based RestrictionOur systems are configured to allow requests only from authorised IP addresses. Every user has to access the system from IP address assigned to that user.
Audit LogsImportant user activities such as login, file download etc are logged. These logs are used to audit the system.
Live ActivityA live stream of user activity is displayed to the admin. This helps admins to monitor the system in real time.
Roles and RightsRoles and rights are explicitly assigned to users so that unauthorised modules are not accessibly to users.